Educational Resources

  • Teach Space
    I whole heartedly endorse this site for teachers who are looking for interesting and exciting space related teaching material. My lifelong friend, Professor Billy Hix, of Motlow College in Lynchburg , Tennessee developed this site. His objective was to help promote space advocacy in our schools and to inspire our youth to thirst for learning about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This material is standards based, satisfies specific lesson objectives, and best of all…it is FREE to educators and students. Just as an added note to give credibility to this website, Mr. Hix was honored this year to be selected as Science Teacher of the Year for the state of Tennessee .

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Finally, the hyperlinked website below will take you to Astronomy Picture of the Day and has some of the coolest space pictures ever…a new one posted every day. Check it out.

  • Space Place
    A great website, generated and funded with your tax dollars, by NASA. This material is guaranteed to inspire young and old alike as it is informative, fun and educational.

In addition to the three sites noted above for Educational Resources, I offer to you the following new sites that I think you will enjoy. If you register you will receive emails from NASA to advise you when to see the ISS flyover , ISS science discoveries and recent JPL space science discoveries.

Email Websites

You can register by clicking on the hyperlinked sites below:

1) ISS Flyover

2) ISS Science Discoveries

3) JPL Space Science Discoveries