"The nine (9) presentations shown in this section were derived, in part, while serving as the Director of the Kennedy Space Center . These presentations are used to teach leadership principles, promote space advocacy, and to inspire students to study math and the sciences and a possible career in a technical field. Content and duration will be modified to accommodate the client's desire.
50 Year of Space Exploration imagine the next 50

50 Years of Space Exploration… Imagine the Next 50 - This presentation serves as an overview of space exploration looking back at the past 50 years and forward to the next 50. It examines the highlights dating back to the first satellite, Sputnik, thru the excitement of Projects such as Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz, Shuttle, International Space Station (ISS) and beyond. The reason the band, Mannheim Steamroller, is shown on the cover sheet is because Jim Kennedy used these images/slides when he participated with the band during their concert tour, "Music of the Spheres" in 2007.
Duration: Nominally 45 Minutes plus Q&A
Human Space Exploration

Human Exploration of Space
This presentation goes into depth of Human exploration of space beyond the Overview covered in Presentation 1. From Yuri Gagarin's first heroic launch of a human to orbit the earth, and John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, this presentation looks at the men and women and the launch vehicles they used to break the bonds of earth and explore the final frontier. This presentation also looks forward to the planned capabilities to send humans to low earth orbit…and beyond…again.
Duration: Nominally 45 minutes plus Q&A.
Robotic Space Exploration

Robotic Exploration of Space
This presentation goes into depth of robotic exploration of space beyond the Overview covered in Presentation 1. From Sputnik and Explorer I to the most exciting and profound of the 3,000 other satellites placed into orbit to better understand planet earth, the solar system and indeed the universe.
Duration: Nominally 45 minutes plus Q&A
Space Shuttle Program... the end of an Era

Space Shuttle Program…The End of an Era
This presentation is dedicated exclusively to the Space Shuttle from STS-1 on April 12, 1981 to the final shuttle flight of STS-135 in July of 2011. It covers some technical aspects of the vehicle as well as images of its processing at Kennedy Space Center, launch, on orbit operations, landing and a series of "Shuttle Cool Pics".
Duration: Nominally 45 minutes plus Q&A
International Space Station

International Space Station
This presentation goes into some depth of the ISS from the vehicle itself which has been under construction since 1998 to the men and women who have maintained a permanent human presence since the year 2000. It covers the vehicle, science accomplished and a series of ISS Cool Pics.
Duration: Nominally 45 minutes plus Q&A

NASA's Future and Why Should I Care
This presentation has two major components. First it looks at current plans for NASA's near term future to include the termination of the Space shuttle Program and the extension of the International Space Station (ISS) to the year 2020. It also examines the current plan to commercialize access to low earth orbit for both cargo and astronauts. For human exploration beyond low earth orbit NASA will develop the next generation vehicles known as the Space Launch System, or SLS, which will replace the now defunct Constellation Program.

The second half of this presentation attempts to answer the question, "why should I care" about NASA?

Lessons in Life and Leadership (Inspired by Stories of Space Exploration)

Lessons in Life and Leadership (Inspired by Stories of Space Exploration).
52 True Stories of People at NASA… are presented in this power point slide presentation. Each story is associated with a Leadership Tip which make this material ideal for leadership development purposes.
Duration: Nominally 3 hours for all 52 Stories/Tips
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