The quotes below are extracted verbatim from written feedback received following various speeches. These are a small sampling of feedback and are provided solely to help prospective clients understand typical audience reaction.

I was on the Princess cruise with you in January… To say that I was on pins and needles during each talk is an understatement. Your vision of our space missions is unique and enlightening and truly made me proud to be an American.

Thank you for your talks. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for giving all of us a chance to swell our chests and take pride in our country and our contributions to the world, both in general and in scientific advancement. Perhaps you will be on another cruise we take. One can only hope.
Bob: Hampton, Virginia

I just think "your successes" reflect back on you, your presentation, the effect you have on large numbers of people. You convey positiveness, humility and believable intelligence. You are a terrific speaker and will excel at teaching, the ministry or any public interaction with people. I believe that you are genuine in what you present as a person as well as the content you are sharing. I wish we could get you enough exposure to get you on Public TV or some other national TV forum.

The reason I am offering to build a website for you for no cost to you is that I was so impressed by your presentations, where you are going and what you are doing after your Princess contract, that I feel it would be a privilege to be on your "team". John: MN/AZ

I appreciated the way you so freely shared your knowledge of the space program and the wisdom that you have gained from your leadership roles at the space center. Because you are such a gifted communicator, I can imagine that you are a very sought-after speaker to all ages
Marion: Jacksonville, FL

I was on the Princess Coral for the voyage from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles, California. I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentations. Not only were they informative, they were also inspiring.

I wanted to let you know you really made a difference for me on that cruise. Your presentations were very thought provoking, insightful, emotional, and educational. Overall they were a great addition to my vacation and much appreciated!
Anissa: West Virginia

I found your lectures engaging, informative, exciting and inspirational. In fact, since returning home I have been sharing several of your tips with both my colleagues and students (many of whom are both highly gifted and have learning disabilities).
Beth: Los Angeles

I attended all the lectures and I REALLY enjoyed listening to your stories and insights on management… I was energized to come back and start applying some of your 52 Tips.

Thank you again for those inspiring and memorable hours in the Universe Theater, fitting location for the subject matter.
AJ: Chester Springs, PA

My wife and I want to extend our sincere appreciation for the (7) sessions you conducted on our recent cruise.

Your presentations were informative, heart warming , and a true highlight of the Panama Canal cruise. Keep up the good work.
Dan: New York City

When it comes to explaining the Wonders of the Space Program, YOU are the perfect person.
Clayt: Ft Lauderdale, FL

"We so enjoyed your fascinating and interesting lectures…and your personal anecdotes about NASA, the Space Program and some of the many personalities involved. It gave us a rare glimpse into a world that most of us wouldn't get a chance to experience. Thanks for making our cruise so enjoyable".
Betty and Stan: Florida

Thank you so much for everything, I had fun, learned a lot and was really inspired by your stories and your personality!
Gerard and Claudia: The Netherlands, Protugal

Jim has the knowledge, experience and passion to fill the vacuum of space with his unforgettable and inspirational presentations.
Terence: Otawa, Canada

This is an unsolicited open letter written by an audience member. He used this letter to solicit speaking engagements for Mr. Kennedy.

As the former Director for the Kennedy Space Center, Jim has had witnessed the triumphs and tragedies of space exploration over his four decade career. He brings out-of-this-world subject matter down to earth by drawing on his leadership experiences at NASA. Behind-the-scenes anecdotes draw in his audiences as he provides leadership tips against a fascinating backdrop of space exploration history.

With self-deprecating humor he bonds with his audiences, shares the stories behind the stories and opens the door to the NASA family like nobody else can. His personal relationships with top government officials, astronauts, and NASA employees provide the inspiration and enthusiasm behind his captivating speeches. Using dynamic multi-media presentations, he brings complex scientific achievements to the masses in a concise, digestible way. His personal achievements are built on a career of values based leadership, focusing in the individual and motivating thousands towards a shared goal.

His speeches showcase his superb leadership skills which are based on common sense with a common touch. His Tips underscore the key messages and show the leaders of tomorrow how a good balance between career and family is the key to success. His unpretentious nature and embracing personality leave audiences of hundreds feeling as though they have just listened to a personal conversation while time stood still. Jim has become a highly sought-after speaker on the subjects of Space and Leadership.

An unsolicited review by Terence Scheltema, of Ottawa, Canada.